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Meet The Team


Chris Fiegel

Chris is our resident producer and go-to guy at All Things Brielle. With Brielle, he co-writes, arranges, mixes, and masters much of the sound that backs Brielle's powerful voice. 

Chris works diligently in multiple roles across the industry without conflict, all while pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Pennsylvania State University.

Chris's works can be found on multiple platforms, and he looks to continue to produce music and art with Brielle, striving to create a better, brighter future.

Oh, and one more thing... Chris is Brielle's brother; nuff' said.

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Brielle is the show-runner of All Things Brielle, a brand that seeks to empower people with music and entertainment.

Brielle has been performing since the age of 4, joining her parents - Gary James and Linda Norris - on stage in the awe-inspiring lights and harmonic sounds of music performance.


Now, she has written and co-written many original songs that are currently in production and set for release in the coming months and years while performing live around the Lehigh Valley in PA and beyond.

All Things Brielle aims to promote that men, women, and children can spread the beauty of life through music, and of course, a good sense of humor.

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Linda Norris-Fiegel

Linda is our administrative - and emotional - support associate. Ranging from performance to entrepreneurship to logistics, Linda's background is extensive.

Linda's work includes her partnership with Gary James as a performing duo, where she grew into a capable businesswoman through ventures like the Family Success Network and Lehigh Valley Idol.

Her support and insight has been invaluable throughout the growth of All Things Brielle and Brielle's budding career in the music business as an independent artist.

In addition to her impressive career, Linda is the mother of both Brielle and Chris, acting as a woman of many hats with incredible care.

All Things Brielle is the all-encompassing brand for Brielle,

a singer-songwriter who strives to bring joy and thought through her music and lyrics.


Brielle has been performing on stages all around the PA, NJ, and NY area since she was 4 years old. Currently studying music business through Berklee College of Music, Brielle actively engages in learning and developing as both an artist and advocate for artists in a constantly-evolving music industry.


From numerous theater productions, Lehigh Valley Idol Shows, and Broadway Bound Showcases in NYC, she has been sharing her talents and love for the stage through all these different avenues of the industry.  Brielle's passion lies in songwriting and singing. She quickly took to singing following in the footsteps of her mother and her maternal grandparents.


When Brielle was 11 years old, she was influenced by her singer/songwriter father and began writing her own original music, while learning to play the guitar. Brielle has now written over 50 songs and is feeling blessed to be able to say she is laying down the tracks for the release of many of these long awaited tunes!


She and her brother, Chris, have collaborated on many of the songs, making this an extra special time to be creating music for an upcoming release. Keep your eyes and ears alert for more music videos and more original music in the very near future....


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